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wooden bridge trail

Get away from it all and take your horse on a relaxing trail ride through the beautiful countryside that we call our home.

Is your horse looking for new friends and a place to call home? Our premier boarding facility will be your last stop. You and your horse will be welcomed into our ranch community. We welcome riders of all disciplines and our staff will care for your horses as if they were their own.

Double Lucky Ranch is a family-owned private boarding, training and lesson facility. We are located in Wadsworth, Illinois, just East of Interstate 94 in between Chicago and Milwaukee. Surrounded by the Lake County Forest Preserves, we’ve got miles and miles of secluded trails to help you forget about the hustle and bustle of city life. Sky scrapers are replaced by 100 year old oaks. Instead of a green river, we’ve got crystal clear streams. And our traffic cops come with red tails and soar above us with a watchful eye.

We offer riding lessons for all ages* and skill levels. At Double Lucky Ranch, you’re not limited by riding discipline, lesson horses or confined to an arena (although we have 3). Share boarding is also available on our horses.

PLEASE NOTE: Double Lucky Ranch does not offer trail rides to the public. We offer private and group lessons but all riders will start in the arena.

Call us at 847.249.5825 today to schedule a tour and check on availability for stalls.

*Minimum age for lessons is age 5.